MCG/Datel, which has been having operations in information and communication technologies for 25 years as a corporation, produces solutions for network systems and infrastructure installations, sound, data and video communication systems with high performance and quality, industrial automations and wireless communication technologies.

MCG/Datel also provides technological products at first hand to other corporations which offers IT technologies. While providing customer productivity via wide stock capabilities and fast delivery programs, it also offers accurate products with technical support both before and after sale. As MCG/Datel guarantees international standarts and quality with its ISO 9000 Quality Certificate, TSE Service Efficiency Certificate, Industry Ministry and Turk Telecom licenses, it also provides assurance for many products by being an authorized partner.

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LightPointe AirBridge SX

Datel now offers a combined solution for hard environment wireless applications… ”LightPointe Hybrid Wireless Bridge AirBridge SX offers you 2Gbit speed in Laser FSO and redundant RF Link 150MBps in 5,2Ghz. It helps your high speed seamless communications in any weather conditions. The unit has AES 256 encription for secure comminucation as well.