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Key features

Scalable video management up to 32 IP channel and recording software

Modular software architecture

Quadplex operation

Video support with JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264

Record speeds up to 1000MP/s with DirectStream technology

Network camera and video server support for more than 70 manufacturers

Compatible with future: Image process up to 20MP per IP channel

Digital zoom feature while recording or watching

Camera independent motion sense feature for all ports

Storage up to 24TB

NAS/SAN network storage support

Multi-functional remote access and configuration support

PDA and cell phone support without a 3rd party software




artec technologies corporation has been developing and manufacturing professional video surveillance software and recording systems known as MULTIEYE internationally for over 10 years. MULTIEYE-NET software is the base software for all MULTIEYE products. It is 100% compatible with other MULTIEYE products. Very professional PC and server based network video recorders (NVR) with 2 to 32 IP video channels can be built with MULTIEYE-NET software. Same software can also be used on laptops.




Fast configuration with Plug&Play

MULTIEYE-NET software has a user friendly, easily understandable interface with drag&drop feature.

Simple licensing model

MULTIEYE-NET software can be licensed manually or over license server automatically.

ISO 9001:2000 compatible development and production

All products that are produced and developed by artec technologies are ISO 9001:2000 compatible.

Quadflex operation

Simultaneous live view, record, watching&evaluating and remote surveillance with Quadflex operation feature.

Network cameras and video servers support

MULTIEYE-NET supports network cameras and video servers from over 70 manufacturers.

Programmable multi-view screen

With MULTIEYE-NET technology, 32 cameras can be watched live on the same screen with 8 different programmable option.

PTZ remote controller

Camera movements can be controlled with manouvre stick, mouse or software directly from image.

Multi-screen operation

MULTIEYE-NET supports operations with 4 desktop screens at the same time.